Upgrading Loan

Onwards and upwards Are you an upgrader?

Are you wanting to upgrade to a new, bigger and better home? Or are you looking to top up your home loan for some extra money? Increasing your home loan for additional finance usually costs less than other types of loans because the interest rates of mortgages are lower than personal loans and credit cards. Upgrading your first home buyers loan to improve your property also has financial benefits because you’re increasing the value of your investment. Speak to our specialists – we help upgraders get right up there.

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No Additional Security

No requirement for businesses to provide additional security.

Long Term (5-10 Year), Fixed Rate Finance

Fixed, lower repayments and potential for neutral/positive cash flow. The operating savings from upgrades can help to repay the finance, further improving cash flow.

No Deposit Required

100% project finance available including soft costs with no impact on capital budgets.

Ability to Share Costs and Benefits With Tenants

A tenant contribution to the costs of repayments may be possible. Tenants can also request upgrades, contributing to the repayments.

Option to Transfer on Sale

Finance is attached to the land. If the land is sold, the remaining finance may be transferred to the new owners or discharged on settlement.

Competitive Fixed Rates

Competitive interest rates, fixed for the full term of finance.

Frequently Asked Question

Don’t worry, we will do the numbers for you. All those questions can be answered by simply clicking on our calculator section at the top of this page.
We are the liaison between the customer (you) and the banks. We understand that you are busy and buying a home can be complicated so we take the time to understand your situation, negotiate the loan on your behalf, do all the legwork on researching hundreds of options available, and then guide you through the application and settlement process.
Our services are primarily to assist you with the right loan structure and to find the best option that suit your needs when buying your property, however, we can also put you in touch with buyers agents or real estate agents that can support you in finding your next investment property or your dream home.
Our selling proposition is to always be a “face to face” broker business where we meet our clients in person every step of the way (Application to Loan Settlement). Vibrant Finance has a combined many years of industry expertise and we pride ourselves in being a customer’s first point of contact for all their banking needs while offering a “Relationship Manager” type style of service to focus on after-settlement service. Where we have found customer service lacking in so many business’, our goal is to show you how important you are to us every step of the way.

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